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ALEX: They had four so four people could be on at the same time. Companies that provided these services would split the proceeds with France Telecom, and quickly everyone was making a ton of money. BOTH: [laugh] ALEX: But the reason we’re talking about it is because we have a story this week from producer Carla Green. What it actually did was convince the French government to distribute a 0 computer to every French household with a phone number.

"Friend Finder takes the security of its customer information seriously and is in the process of notifying affected users to provide them with information and guidance on how they can protect themselves," Friend Finder said in the statement.

I would dial in to a local bulletin board there was…four phone lines and I would just get hours and hours of busy signals while everyone desperately jockeyed for one of those four phonelines and then I would connect and then my dad would get call waiting and fifteen minutes later I would get bumped off which was unbelievably frustrating. PJ: I have a memory of going into a chat room and talking to some adult woman who…I guess she was flirting with me but I didn’t understand flirting and she was like “hey, do you want to talk in a private chat room? PJ: I realized that I disappointed her in some way but it took me a long time to figure out how and why. Like, mine was lonely and alienated and yours was pop culture, weird stuff? It was unveiled yesterday by the Minister of Telecommunications, it was – the electronic phonebook! You could look up phone numbers and addresses – banking information, the weather, stock prices, things like that.

PJ: Wait and also when you started going on the internet wasn’t it like…you could log onto a bulletin board and only you could be on it and you’d leave a message and somebody else would go on it. Which meant that I could talk to Americans from anywhere in the world…uh…who had gotten a disk in the magazine. ” and I was like yeah and she said age, sex, location and I was like “12 years old, male, Haverford” and she was like “I got bigger fish to fry.” And then she logged off. ALEX: When I first connected, my first conversation was with an Iraq war vet about the band Black Flag. ALEX: When you say typical, you mean like typical of us as human beings? ALEX: I think you give yourself too much credit as a lonely, alienated person. The Minitel charged by the the minute, and each minute could cost anywhere from 50 cents to a dollar or more.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the chatrooms French people most loved were the sex chatrooms.

They were called Minitel rose – French for “Pink Minitel”.

African-Americans have 8.2 percent more sex than Caucasians. Smokers are 10 percent more sexually active than nonsmokers. People who rarely go to church have 31 percent more sex than people who regularly go to church. People with a strong preference for jazz are 30 percent more sexually active than the average American. Artists and poets have as many as 233 percent more sexual partners than people who aren't artists or poets. Teenage girls are 6.5 percent more sexually active than teenage boys. Twenty-two percent more homosexual male couples who have been together for two years or less have sex at least three times a week than heterosexual couples who have been together for two years or less. Children whose parents read to them less than once a week are 33 percent more likely to be sexually active when they become teenagers than children whose parents read to them at least once a week. Men over 70 years old have 215 percent more sex than women over 70 years old. Women of what doctors consider normal weight are 30 percent more likely to have had sex in the past year than obese women.