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Place the contraption on your heat source and after a few minutes the water boils, passing through the coffee grounds. Finally, everything combines in the top chamber to create your masterpiece.

What you get is two cups of good-tasting cappuccino.

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It’s the first stove-top coffee maker with the ability to brew two cups of espresso coffee and froth milk simultaneously.

Gary Krakow Gary Krakow© 2010 Reprints Keywords/Sources/Only On MSNBCKeywords/Sources/Live News Keywords/M/MSNBCWires/msnbc/Components/Bylines/mugs/msnbc_gary_krakow_97.jpg5100065000false#666666 Boxes/Styles/img/byline_msnbc Dot Com.gif11002000true Gary [email protected] Oh sure, you can spend several hundred or even thousand dollars for one of those incredibly beautiful espresso/cappuccino machines that do everything but grow the beans themselves.