Dating genderqueer person

06-Jul-2016 11:04

I wish it was as easy as just loving the person for who they are ... But I truly believe that the way that we have been conditioned in this society really informs our relationships and our interactions within romantic relationships, especially.When a lesbian wants to date a trans man, many times there are expectations for the behavior of that trans man. All I ask for from my partner is that they acknowledge how I see myself and check their expectations for me.They had come to the realization that they were not, in fact, a cisgender woman, like we had all thought, but a genderfluid person.For anyone who isn’t familiar with this term, genderfluid describes someone who’s gender identity changes between two or more gender identities including male, female, agender, androgyne, genderqueer, bigender, and many others.

Regardless of what you do, regardless of what choices you make, your identity and your gender (or lack thereof) is 100% valid. And yet there were times when I didn’t feel “trans enough,” times when others questioned my transness, or times when I was excluded because I didn’t fit into this box of what it means to be “trans.” Others will gender police you, even other trans people, or try to push you back into those boxes – but I want you to know that when they do, they are in the wrong, not you. And that was a ridiculous thing for me to do in hindsight.

14 August 2011 So maybe you're attracted to people outside of the gender binary.

Maybe you're wondering how you go about loving a person who categorizes themself as genderqueer, gender non-conforming, transgender, transmasculine or transfeminine, agender, androgynous, bigendered, or perhaps no category at all.

Although it was a huge challenge to accept at first, it has really strengthened our relationship.

They (I’m using for the sake of clarity; Alex isn’t fussy about pronouns) told me this after what felt like an eternity of fighting, and we had had strap-on sex for the first time.The constant misgendering, microaggressions, harassment and even violence that we face as non-binary is a burden that far exceeds what anyone who calls YOUR identity a burden will ever experience.

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