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The latest, ' Les Saintes', became French in 1635 and today still retains a great creole tradition, that shows a lot in the name of villages and different places: Le Moule or ' The Mold', Bouillante or ' Boiling Hot', Petit Bourg or ' Little Town', or again Lamentin, ' Dugong'!La Guadeloupe has also paradise-like features with gorgeous beaches, a volcano, a rain forest and a very diverse and dramatic landscape. Indeed La Guadeloupe isn't usually on the top of the list when it comes to the 'must dive' around the world but it truly has something to offer for all levels.Juan Diego is dazzled by the incredible beauty and miraculous nature of Our Lady's appearance. The Bishop patiently listens to Juan Diego's accounts and dismisses him. Indeed, Our Lady does not disappoint, for she appears again, as radiant as before.She appears as a native princess to him, and her words sound more beautiful than the sweetest music ever made. Juan Diego tells Our Lady what she already knows, that the Bishop did not believe him. How could he know if the peasant was lying or perhaps insane?Lost in the midst of the Caribbean, at the heart of the Antilles, this little piece of France that is La Guadeloupe stands more than 6000 km away from the motherland and only 2200 km from the United States' coasts.Also called ' Karukera', or ' The beautiful water island', Guadeloupe is actually a group of islands, only two of which are inhabited: Grande Terre, or ' The big Land', and Petite Terre, well hmm... On the outskirts of this group are three other islands, administratively attached to it, Marie Galante, la Desirade and the Saints archipelago.Deeper and more challenging offshore dives are also available for those seeking greater variety. Heavy rains can cause temporary drops in visibility to some near shore sites but leave other sites unaffected.

It is then no wonder they established the ' Cousteau Marine Reserve' here!The islands of Guadeloupe are surrounded by an extensive network of coral reefs and volcanic substrate.