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10-Oct-2016 12:50

Anil Patel, 34, of London believes that a lot of the older generation’s negative attitudes are due to a fear that these relationships will cause dilution of their faith, values and religion.

Born in the UK to Indian parents, he has had several relationships with women from other cultures.

Nearly half (49%) of unmarried couples are living with someone of a different faith. Hindus (91%), Mormons (82%) and Muslims (79%) who are married or living with a partner are with someone of the same religion.

The survey also shows that members of certain religious groups are more likely than others to be with someone of their faith, whether they are married or living together in a romantic relationship. This is somewhat less common among Jews (65%), mainline Protestants (59%) and religiously unaffiliated people (56%).

Our Religious Landscape Study found that almost four-in-ten Americans (39%) who have married since 2010 have a spouse who is in a different religious group.

By contrast, only 19% of those who wed before 1960 report being in a religious intermarriage. adults married since 2010, almost one-in-five (18%) are in marriages between a Christian and a religiously unaffiliated spouse.

The difficulties appear when older generations and family members are entered into the equation.

Every parent has expectations of their children, and some fear that marrying someone from a different racial community will take their children away from their own culture.

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Every now and then I would find myself alone, as he ducked off into the crowd in order to pretend that he wasn’t with me; he was terrified that he would be spotted with a white woman and word would get back to his family.

So, 16 years into democracy, how big a deal is dating someone of a different race?

This website devoted to South African interracial dating exhorts visitors to “Defy the taboo”, so perhaps it is still a little iffy.

But his experiences have soured him on the idea of ever entering an interracial relationship again.

“I wouldn’t dare put another girl through that again,” he says.

Richard Bashir Otukoya has some bad relationship stories. They ripple with a hurt most of us don’t experience.