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09-Apr-2016 07:26

Sergey Gorbunov, 43, resident of Yoshkar-Ola (Mari El Republic), is charged with fraud. Gorbunov was the head of a group of one of the largest groups of scammers in Yoshkar-Ola.

Do you want me to send you information about the scammer I am corresponding with?

How can I confirm that the photos I have been receiving actually belong to the person I am corresponding with?

I cannot say that each and every connection with a foreigner online is a dating scam. Therefore, it is essential to know how to detect online dating scams at their early stage not to be hurt and robbed.

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It is unlikely for women in general to write a love letter for someone they are interested in. This is a perfect complement for every girl who is looking for love online.

What are the chances of someone truly falling in love with you online and telling you about it at the early stage of your relationship?