Updating expressgate on asus sims dating games onmline

16-Jan-2017 04:33

From the ability to control fan speeds with the Fan Xpert, to the ability to do some Overclocking with the AI Booster, you get a lot of functionality here - and all from within the Windows environment.

Tools such as Asus Probe II, Asus Update, the AI Suite, and the Express Gate updating software are located here.

- Change the defualt value of "boot booster" to "disable".

- Fix XP Freeze when Battery Capacity fall down to Critical Low.

- Improve Quick Boot Function and Default Set to On. - Changed the model name from S701_xxx to EPC-[censored]. - Fix System Boot to SSD fail when Enable Boot Booster and Set Lan Boot First.

- Update EC F/W to fix system can't wakeup when Discharge to Battery Low in S3.By inserting the driver and program disk, you are started on the path of getting the system operating as it is intended.